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Suggestions for Young Volunteers

Our volunteers typically start at 14 for work in the pantry, but there are other volunteer opportunities that do not involve coming to Open Door.

Whatever your young volunteer decides to do, we encourage you to take numerous pictures that we can post on our Facebook and Instagram pages. You will have an opportunity to review and approve everything before it is posted.

Change for Change

Change for change can be a big or small event.  Your young volunteer can go through the junk drawer and dive into the sofa cushions looking for change. Grandparent are also a good source for loose change. 


A big event could involve setting up competing teams.  For another incentive, we sell car magnets for $5 each, and you could reward the winning team with a car magnet.  Access the flyer here.

A Small Food Drive

Young volunteers can start off with a small drive. To do a Food Drive, use the list of most Most Needed Items on our website, or focus on one or two items that we desperately need.  Young volunteers may want to do something fun, such as host a lemonade stand to raise money, and then use the funds to purchase items to donate.  If the young volunteer needs service hours, go to Student Drive Guidelines - Individual for details.

Recipe Ready Drive

With a Recipe Ready Drive, the young volunteer chooses a recipe from a cookbook we provide, then collects all the ingredients.  The goal is to provide at least 10 bags, each to with everything needed to make a healthy meal. When done, print out the recipe in English and Spanish, and staple it to the outside of the bags.  Then email us to schedule a drop off.

A Specialty Drive

Similar to a Recipe Ready Drive, the young volunteer chooses a theme from our Special Pantry Drives list, then collects all of the items.  The goal is to provide at least 10 bags with all of the items.

Check out photos of previous drives here

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