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Student Drive Guidelines - Group

Donations do not count towards service hours unless the students prepare a plan, contact Open Door in advance, and receive an emailed approval from Open Door.  A maximum of two hours is allowed for a standard drive.​


  • Determine who will be working on the drive.

  • List the main contacts and all the active participants seeking service hours.

  • Indicate the duties of each of the participants.

  • Decide on the type of drive.

  • Decide on a schedule for notifications and collection.

  • Get approval for a space to collect and sort the donations.

  • Prepare a flyer. Your flyer should list which items your are collecting, where and when.  It should list the beneficiary as Freehold Area Open Door. Send us your completed flyer.

  • Submit your plan to Open Door at least a week before the drive is to start.

Starting your drive

  • Publicize your drive, and if possible, tag us on Instagram.

  • Take pictures during the event. Email us those and more pictures that we can use for Facebook and Instagram posts when the drive is finished. Include several photos of the entire team. You will have the opportunity to review and approve everything before it is posted.

Finishing your drive

  • Check the expiration dates and toss anything that has passed its "best by" or "use by date."

  • Sort everything.  All the dry pasta should be together, jars of pasta sauce together, soups together, canned meats together, etc.  That saves us time when we restock the shelves with your donation.

  • Estimate the total weight of what you collected.

  • Think about which parts were successful, which weren't and what, if any, changes you would make for next time.

  • Once you have the approximate number of bags/boxes contact us to schedule drop off.  Standard donation times are Monday - Thursday, 10am to 2pm at our back door.

  • Submit a final list of participants for service hour letters.

Check out photos of previous drives here

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