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Food Pantry, Freehold

Get help with food or rental assistance

No one leaves empty handed

Food Assistance
As available, selections vary

"Daily"   Once a day per household

- Bread, sweets and treats

- Fresh produce

- Prepared foods

"Choice Pantry" Starting March 4th, no appointments made
3 to 5 day supply

- Non-perishable choice items

- Meat or fish, eggs, butter and milk

- Bread, sweets and treats

- Fresh produce

- Toiletries and paper goods

Starting March 4th

  • First come, first served Monday thru Thursday from 10:30 am to 2 pm only.

  • Available to households once per calendar month.

Emergency Assistance

We help with:
- Evictions
- Utility Shut-offs
- Prescription medications

Assistance is limited to one time per year, subject to availability of funds. You must reside in one of our allocation areas to benefit from these services:

- Freehold and Freehold Township

- Allentown

- Clarksburg

- Colts Neck

- Cream Ridge

- Marlboro, Morganville

- Millstone

- Roosevelt

- Upper Freehold

Emergency Food and Shelter Program extends to:

- Manalapan and Englishtown

- Howell and Farmingdale

To participate in the Choice Pantry, you must meet one to the USDA qualifying codes.

See USDA requirements and declarations

Client Waiver

Clients who come to the Food Pantry acknowledge that they are accepting a charitable donation of food from the Emergency Food Pantry.  They relinquish the Food Pantry of all liability of any nature whatsoever, and accept the food products “as is” and at their own risk.

Documento de exención

Los clientes que acuden al Almacén de Distribución de Alimentos reconocen que aceptan donación caritativa de alimentos del Almacén de Distribución de Alimentos de Emergencia.  Por el presente, dispensan al Almacén de Distribución de Alimentos de toda la responsabilidad de cualquier tipo y aceptan los productos alimenticios en estado en el cual se encuentren y a riesgo propio. 

The truth, and strategy, of food expiration dates
By Danielle Wiener-Bronner,  CNN Business   Sunday, July 17, 2022

Everyone Eats - Allergy Free Options

Everyone Eats provides underserved communities with allergy friendly food donations.  About 32 Million people in the U.S. suffer from food allergies.  This population not only needs to worry about food allergies but they also have to worry about what they are going to eat next.  In partnership with FARE’S TAG (teenage advocacy group), a local student chose to work on a food drive specifically for people affected by life threatening allergies.  She is successfully raising awareness about the need to donate food to people with food allergies.  This assistance provides a little bit of freedom and peace of mind to this population.

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 10.16.18 AM.png

A limited number of allergy free recipe ready bags are available for clients with dietary restrictions:

Peanut, Tree-Nut and Sesame Free Tortilla Pizza Recipe

- Gluten Free Tortilla Pizza Recipe

- Dairy Free Tortilla Pizza Recipe

Or click on one of the recipes above, and make your own allergy free meal option.

What is FARE?   FARE, the Food Allergy Research & Education organization enhances the lives of individuals with food allergies. Their mission is to empower people with food allergies to lead safe, productive lives with the respect of others through education and advocacy.  FARE’s mission is to impact the life and health of millions of Americans with food allergies and to provide hope for the promise of new treatments.

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