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A time to celebrate, to reflect and a time to look forward 

Our volunteers answer the question
What makes Open Door so special?

Open Door has such a welcoming presence in the community. Open Door goes beyond the expectations of a food pantry and provides support, encouragement, and opportunities for anyone who walks through the door.

The mantra of “Be the One” is pervasive. I am called to help those less fortunate than I am. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to help others in need. Open Door allows me to assist my neighbors. I am thankful for the opportunity. -- Victa

Open Door gives us an opportunity to provide necessary help within our own communities. We don’t have to go “far” to participate or donate items, but our contributions go “far” in the community. -- Lisa

Open Door reaches out to ALL people in need.   Those who are struggling are served by  our patient and friendly people staff and volunteers.  -- Mimma

Open Door’s Director, Social Worker, Pantry Coordinator and especially our wonderful volunteers are caring and dedicated to helping our clients. -- Kathy

I volunteer at Open Door because we as a people are completely blind to the fact that there is such a need for compassion, and as a whole we don’t get it.   As a small tiny part of the ones who get it, I try to give what I can where and how I can. And it makes me happy.  --Kevin

I am not a regular volunteer, I represent our church on the Board of Trustees. I have been at some events, and seen some distributions.


I’m always in total awe of the dedicated volunteers that help care for our neighbors, just as our Lord  commands us to do. Be it food  distributions, utility assistance, housing assistance, or other basic human needs, this team finds a way to get it done.  We are very fortunate to have each of them, and we are fortunate to have the community that we serve. -- Mark

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