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 Enjoy locally grown produce in July 

Local farmers, master gardeners and our neighbors with green thumbs all bless Open Door with and abundance of fresh produce during summer.

All year long we offer fresh produce donated by Trader Joe's, Wegmans and Battleview.

Take advantage of these healthy choices by adding more vegetables to your diet.  Check out:  USDA MyPlate and CentraState Healthy Grilling

Focusing on Food Waste

This New York Times article from May 18, 2008 regarding food waste is relevant now more than ever.  A 1995 Federal study determined that 96.5 BILLION pounds of food was wasted - food discarded in our homes, cafeterias, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.  That does not include food processing losses on farms, by processors, or wholesalers.

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 7.11.02 AM.png

What can we do to reduce Food Waste and save money?

Plastic Bag Ban

Open Door does not implement this until November, but we are starting the transition now.  For now, please bring your own reusable bags for the front area: bread, produce and daily prepared items.  

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